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Bedarfsverkehr-Software (zur Übersicht)

Shotl is a mobility platform that empowers public transport operators to supply on-demand mobility services through a network of vans and small buses.

  • Hersteller: Shotl
  • Kontakt: Jonas Ramirez, +34937370447,
  • Disposition: App-Buchung, telefonische Buchung (Buchungsmaske für Callcenter), telefonische Buchung (Erfassung durch Fahrpersonal), Fahrzeug-App, automatisierte Routenerstellung
  • Abrechnung: Billing is integrated in the app.
  • Anmerkungen: Voraussetzungen: iPad Mini 4 with Wi-Fi and SIM card slot with 4G (A1550 iPad model), with a minimum of 16GB total storage space; SIM card with 4G data, good network coverage in all the service areas and a data plan that allows up to 3GB of monthly data consumption. Complete working equipment that allows the continuous battery recharge of the iPad device during the service, including (as an example): car lighter slot, 12V adapter and iPad-compatible cable (with Lightning connector). Android devices are also supported by the Shotl app.

With the Shotl platform, vehicles are dynamically routed in real-time through algorithms that match and pool travellers as per each origin and destination. The objective of the company is to provide a valuable option in areas where public transportation is often insufficient and highly subsidised. These are residential suburbs of large cities, business parks, airports or small villages. The platform can be applied to enhance accessibility for special communities like school students or commuters with physical disabilities.


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