Corlink (UK)

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    Cornwall - Großbritannien
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  • The minimum notice for booking a journey is 2 hours before intended travel and the maximum is 7 days ahead
  • The service operates between 0800-1800 Monday-Saturday

Study into the Impact of ‘Corlink’ on Social Exclusion (April 2003)

A snapshot survey carried out with the registered ‘Corlink’ passengers showed that:

  • 38% of passengers would not have made the journey at all had ‘Corlink’ not been available.
  • 14% of passengers would have had to get a lift.

Interviews with key service providers in the area show that support for the service is high, and that partnership opportunities could be identified.

The County Council recognise that in order to ensure the longer term sustainability of the Corlink bus services, the average subsidy cost per passenger needs to be reduced. This is despite the advantages that the service brings in providing essential access to services. To this end, the County Council are working with the operators to continually evolve the project and work with the community and operators to identify mechanisms to ensure the high quality, accessible service is maintained whilst reducing the cost of County Council support. The successful Rural Bus Challenge bid in 2004 to expand and enhance the Corlink services in the Bodmin zone will provide an essential means of continuing this work.